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English Online. Every child literate - a shared responsibility.

March 2010
March 2010

Kia ora tatou

Welcome to the March 2010 newsletter.


It has been a busy month with the launch of the mailing lists in February. Subscribers to these communities now number:

  • Literacy - 491
  • Secondary English - 578
  • Primary ESOL - 379
  • Secondary ESOL - 346
  • ICTs in English – 473
  • Secondary Literacy - 467

It is encouraging to see so many of you engaged in these communities - airing your views, sharing ideas, requesting help and resources and establishing professional relationships. If you have not already subscribed, you can do so through a very simple process. Just select the mailing list you wish to belong to http://englishonline.tki.org.nz/English-Online/Interact and sign up.

We are also very pleased that we will soon be able to offer you the ability to extend this collaboration with your colleagues through the Teacher Resource Exchanges for Literacy/English, Secondary Literacy, NCEA English and ESOL. These will go live next week under the What I need to know and do section form the homepage.

Site organisation

While we are working on the re-organisation of content on the sites to make resources more visible and accessible from the homepages, we are aware that there are a number of broken links in some of the units and sequences. We make every endeavour to fix these, but in some instances they are no longer available, so if you are looking for something specific, please don’t hesitate to contact Maria Lute mlute@cognition.co.nz and she will try to find a suitable alternative. Please be assured that addressing this issue in a systematic manner is a priority for us over the next few months.

Dr Phil Coogan ( pcoogan@cognition.co.nz) - Project Director

Maria Lute ( mlute@cognition.co.nz) - Project Manager

Cognition Education for the NZ Ministry of Education.

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