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Visualise This


A unit on creating a visual text standard at level 2 that also includes scaffolds for text analysis and students developing their own reading of texts.This unit steps students through the process ... Read more »

Sport in Education Project


The Sport in Education Project will develop teaching and assessment resources in English, Maths and PE using sport as a context to engage students in learning. The English senior subject guide also includes two ... Read more »

An engaging unit on The Crucible by Arthur Mille


An engaging unit on The Crucible by Arthur Miller that scaffolds students into developing insightful readings of the text.A favourite text among English teachers, “The Crucible” has a number of themes that ... Read more »

Literacy in the learning areas


Literacy in the learning areasThe Secondary Literacy section on Literacy Online provides advice and guidance to teachers in the essential learning areas, based on the teaching as inquiry cycle.For each learning area, ... Read more »

Key competencies self-audit framework


Key competencies self-audit frameworkThe key competencies self-audit framework provides nine questions into how well the key competencies are being embedded into learning, along with  nine practice based examples of integrating the competencies. ... Read more »

Earth Under Pressure


A topical, well scaffolded unit at curriculum level 5 where students develop their creating meaning and making meaning skills by researching and writing a report.Population pressure, environmental pressure, and pressure on particular ... Read more »