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Connected 2017 Level 4 - Where to Next?

Recycle bottle stacks

Connected 2017 Level 4 - Where to Next? 

The focus in this issue of Connected is on the Nature of Science strand of the curriculum and the science capability: engage with science.

Articles in this issue of Connected are as follows: 

Sensing Data by Trish Puharich

Air pollution is a problem in many cities, including Christchurch. After the 2011 earthquake, a team of researchers used technology and big data to help make Christchurch a healthier, smarter city to live in.

Turning Old into New by Naomi Arnold

Shoes made from chewing gum? Jackets made from drink bottles? Go beyond the recycling bins and find out how everyday objects and materials can be broken down and made into something new.

Kauri Dieback by André Ngāpō

The future of our kauri forests is at risk from a disease called kauri dieback. Combating the spread of this threat requires expertise from both Western science and mātauranga Māori and calls on everyone to get involved.

Global Action by Phillip Simpson

This detailed article looks at the science and politics of climate change. It examines what global warming is, explores how scientists use computer modelling to predict the impact of climate change, and explains how scientific innovations in New Zealand could help reduce our agricultural emissions.

Updated on: 26 Jan 2018


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