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Gagana Tokelau language week

Gagana Tokelau language week

Gagana Tokelau language week

This year Vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau (Tokelau Language Week) will run from 23 October to 29 October, celebrating the culture and language of this tiny island nation.

For people from Tokelau living in New Zealand, family, community, and language are the centre of Faka-Tokelau, the Tokelauan way of life.  

Over half of the country’s Tokelau community live in the Porirua and Hutt Valley areas of Wellington and there are also Tokelau communities in Auckland, Taupō, and Rotorua. Although your school may not have direct links to Tokelau, this national week provides the opportunity to introduce your students to the culture and language of Tokelau, helping to keep Gagana Tokelau alive in New Zealand. Why not connect electronically with another school in New Zealand, in order to learn Gagana Tokelau from the experts?

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Tokelau Language Week/Te Vaiaho o te Gagana Tokelau supports the  curriculum principles of cultural diversity and inclusion, and provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate the  vision of connection to a global community, explore the  values of diversity, community, and respect and make use of  key competencies, especially using language, symbols and texts, and relating to others.

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Updated on: 20 Oct 2016