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NZReadAloud for Year 9 and 10

NZReadAloud for Year 9 and 10

WHAT IS #NZreadaloud?

#NZreadaloud is a ‘connected literacy’ initiative that began in 2015.

The goal was simple … One Book to Connect Kiwi Kids across Aotearoa.

The focus is on New Zealand authors writing stories in New Zealand settings.

More information is available here 

NZReadAloud7 will be offered to Year 10 and include one short story: ‘The Seahorse and the Reef’ by Witi Ihimaera. 

It will run Term 1, Weeks 3-6. 

Registrations close on 9 February.

Sign up here.

NZReadAloud9 will be offered to Year 9 and include one novel: ‘Shooting Stars’ by Brian Falkner. 

It will run Term 3, Weeks 1-5. 

Registrations close on 7 July. Chapter breakdowns will follow prior to Term 3.

Sign up here.

Updated on: 01 Feb 2017