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Teacher resource A Inspector Calls (ZIP)

Resources to support text study.

2.02 MB

Camille Harris


Teacher resource Approaches to teaching writing (ZIP)

Resources and strategies for crafting writing.

1.11 MB

Tania Roxborogh


Teacher resource Boy (Word)

Resource booklet to support film study.

1.49 MB

Elizabeth Beale


Teacher resource Boy (ZIP)

Resources to support film study.

1.75 MB

Emma Donaldson


Teacher resource Campaign writing. (ZIP)

Drawing on the UC Quakebox corpus of earthquake stories, this is a a persuasive (formal) writing module in which students research the voice (or lack of) that teenagers have had in the re-build process. Students are tasked with producing a piece of writing establishing a social action campaign that promotes a solution to the problems they identify.

Keywords: earthquake

1.10 MB

Lynn Clark


Teacher resource Character Description Activity (PowerPoint)

A wee step by step guide for students to show, not tell about a character. Is very good for even the most reluctant writer.

182.00 kB

Pip Tinning


Teacher resource City Life (ZIP)

Students work through a series of activities, based on New Zealand short stories exploring city life, to co-construct exemplar responses before completing a assessment.

19.75 kB

Catherine Braddock


Teacher resource Close reading film using music videos (ZIP)

Resources on close reading film using music videos, shared by Karl Lee <karlleerulz@gmail.com> and Kelly Wikinson <kellys@csc.school.nz>

295.40 kB

Karl Lee Kelly Wilkinson


Teacher resource Close reading visual texts (ZIP)

Resources to support and assess close reading work.

79.45 kB

Lynne Gardiner


Teacher resource Creative Writing - monologues (ZIP)

A creative writing module in which students will write a script for a monologue of a character that survived the Christchurch earthquakes. This module draws on examples of similar monologues from the QuakeBox corpus and guides students towards the point where they are able to construct their own monologue.

Keywords: earthquake

4.82 MB

Lynn Clark

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