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NCEA English Teacher Resource Exchange NCEA Level 3

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Teacher resource 'Through the lens' film teaching resource (PDF)

These resources have material suitable for a range of levels: Year 10; Year 12, Year 13.

2.60 MB

Helaina Coote


Teacher resource 3.8 Critical Lens Booklet (Word 2007)

A work booklet designed to aid students in the completion of 3.8. Allows students to submit the completed workbook only or alternatively allows them to develop the information required for another presentation format.

1.07 MB

Katie M Blackett


Teacher resource American Beauty (ZIP)

Resources to support film study.

106.29 kB

Susana Carryer


Teacher resource Gran Torino (ZIP)

Resources to support text study shared by several teachers: SHunt@lynfield.school.nz; Ben.Sutherland@collegiate.school.nz; ahayes@westlakegirls.school.nz; Katherine Rae.

4.21 MB

Several authors


Teacher resource Heart of the Apocalypse (ZIP)

Civilisation versus savagery in Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now.

38.51 kB

Warwick Downs


Teacher resource I Am Messenger (ZIP)

Resources to support text study.

285.88 kB

Megan Taylor


Teacher resource James K Baxter (ZIP)

A range of resources to support study.

1.79 MB

Keir Whipp


Teacher resource James K Baxter - tribal prophet (ZIP)

The life and work of one of New Zealand's best known poets form the basis of a unit.

41.88 kB

Margaret Derbyshire


Teacher resource New Zealand English (ZIP)

This unit helps students carry out research into NZ language use.

22.85 kB

Phil Coogan


Teacher resource Once Were Warriors (ZIP)

Resources to support novel study.

77.47 kB

Anne Gorman

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