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New Tokelau language resources distributed to schools this week

Takalo Lakapī Faka-Niu Hila by Mehepa Atoni Gaualofa.

New resources to support the teaching and learning of the Tokelau language (gagana) as an additional language for years 7 to 10 are being distributed to schools this week.

Throughout New Zealand, 1158 primary, composite, intermediate and secondary schools will receive copies.

The resources are for teachers and include practical approaches and strategies. The launch of the Tokelau storybooks and teacher support materials complete the suite of the storybooks in gagana Sāmoa, te reo Kūki Āirani Māori, lea faka Tonga and vagahau Niue to support the Learning Languages area of The New Zealand Curriculum.

English medium schools can access electronic PDF copies of these resources at Pasifika Education Community – Teaching and learning Gagana Tokelau

Published on: 05 Nov 2019


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