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Te Mātaiaho | draft Curriculum Framework released

Refreshed New Zealand Curriculum.

The draft of Te Mātaiaho | the Curriculum Framework has been released. It provides a significant opportunity to have your say on the content, vision, and direction of the refreshed New Zealand Curriculum

Te Mātaiaho | The Refreshed New Zealand Curriculum draft (PDF)

Have your say – Share your feedback between now and 2 December. 

Te Mātaiaho | A draft Te Tiriti-Honouring and Inclusive Curriculum Framework

Gifted by Dr Wayne Ngata and members of our Rōpū Kaitiaki, "Te Mātaiaho" is the proposed working name for the Curriculum Framework and means “to observe and examine the strands of learning.” 

Dr Wayne Ngata unpacks the whakapapa of Te Mātaiaho | the draft Curriculum Framework.

Watch Dr Wayne Ngata on Te Mātaiaho.

Published on: 26 Oct 2022


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