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Worksheet 6: Seminar - "I will speak daggers"

Prepare to deliver a seminar to your class in which you explore ONE aspect of the theme of corruption on which so much of this play is based. 

The topics are:

  • Claudius - a corrupt king?
  • Revenge - is it the right thing to do in this play?
  • Hamlet - to what extent is he affected by the corruption which surrounds him?
  • Ophelia - how far is she a victim in this play?
  • Polonius - how does he represent the immorality at court?
  • Madness - how is this presented in the play?
  • Spying - how do deceptive appearances add to the mistrust in the play?
  • The language of Hamlet - how does this emphasise the misery of this corrupt court?
  • Act 5 Scene 2 - a satisfactory solution?

Preparing for your seminar:

  1. Brainstorm initial ideas and look back through notes on the play.
  2. Research the aspect in greater depth: read key scenes again, brainstorm your own response; find useful quotations to support your points; look at notes on the Internet and your own class notes.
  3. Come to a judgement on your topic - they are all evaluative titles, much like exam essay questions, and you should be ready to present evidence on both sides of your argument before concluding.
  4. Prepare a visual display to support your seminar
  5. Prepare one A4 sheet which summarises your notes - this will be given out to the class afterwards.

Published on: 08 Dec 2010