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English Online. Every child literate - a shared responsibility.
Ministry of Education.

Knowledge of the learner

Knowledge of the learner

Knowledge of the learner encompasses knowing about the pathway of progress for each student and about the patterns of progress for literacy learners in general at different points in their development. (Effective Literacy Practice, 2006)

Māori achievement

Ideas, examples, and resources to enhance learning and improve the achievement of Māori learners in their English classrooms. 

Pasifika achievement

Resources, research, and other materials to support the achievement of Pasifika learners with the English learning area.

Learners with special education needs

Exploring the specific English learning area supports available for learners with special education needs. 

Gifted and talented

Supports for school leaders and teachers of the English learning area in assisting gifted and talented students to reach their full potential academically, emotionally, and socially. 

Student voice

The NZC has students at the heart of the educational process. Decisions made in departments focus on the diverse learning needs and achievement of the best outcomes for all students. How departments support students' culture and identity is central to students experiencing success and realising their potential.

Focusing on the students

The senior secondary English curriculum guides provides support for focusing on your students, including developing a supporting learning environment; considering prior learning and experience; developing reflective thought and action, and exploring the relevance of new learning.

Making Language and Learning work 2

Integrating language and learning in secondary English and social sciences. This series of videos shows how teachers can effectively integrate content area teaching and language learning, exemplifying good practices in the use of language approaches which make it easier for learners to understand subject content. 

Updated on: 07 Dec 2020