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Ministry of Education.

Focusing inquiry: Know the curriculum

Learning about my students' needs

What is important (and therefore worth spending time on), given where my students are at? This focusing inquiry establishes a baseline and a direction. The teacher uses all available information to determine what their students have already learned and what they need to learn next.

Key questions

  • Which strands, processes, and strategies might be focussed on?
  • Which achievement objectives might be selected and at what levels?

Why are these questions important?

Each board of trustees, through the principal and staff, is required to develop and implement a curriculum for students in years 1-13 that is underpinned by and consistent with the principles; in which the values are encouraged and modelled and are explored by students; and that supports students to develop the key competencies. (NZC p44).

Useful resources

Published on: 13 Oct 2015