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Learning inquiry: Evaluate your professional learning needs

Impact of changed practices

What happened as a result of the teaching, and what are the implications for future teaching? In this learning inquiry, the teacher investigates the success of the teaching in terms of the prioritised outcomes, using a range of assessment approaches. They do this both while learning activities are in progress and also as longer-term sequences or units of work come to an end. They then analyse and interpret the information to consider what they should do next.

Key questions

Informed by the answers gathered from your evaluation of student learning and engagement, decide what the implications are for your  professional learning.

Useful resources

The Teacher Professional Learning and Development:  Best Evidence Synthesis Iteration illuminates the kind of professional learning for teachers that strengthens valued outcomes for diverse learners. 

English Online: Professional Development and Support section provides links to teacher support services around the country, subject associations, and other avenues of professional support.

Published on: 13 Oct 2015