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Hama's class - learning inquiry

What happened as a result of Hama’s teaching, and what are the implications for his future teaching?

Students produced two pieces of writing that were self and peer evaluated. The aim was to see improvement across the four key elements of Creating Meaning towards Curriculum Level 5 (defined as Excellence in the rubric). No student was yet working at this level across all the elements. Hama reviewed the self and peer evaluations and the focus correction area marks. The latter were then compared with earlier marks, in order to gauge improvement. This allowed him to establish the teaching focus for each writing group in subsequent lessons.

Video clip: Peer evaluation

What evidence did Hama draw on from his own practice or that of his colleagues?

Hama drew heavily from his knowledge of the class to develop this lesson. The students created the “Do now” activity, which allowed them to take ownership at the start of the lesson. He then invited the students to choose who they wanted to work with to set goals for the quality of writing that they hoped to achieve.

Hama's class - what happened next?

Published on: 26 Oct 2012

Student quote - peer evaluation

"When I get my friend to read my story, it helps me in two ways- it helps me to see if it sounds right and it helps me to see if I need to change things."