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Hama's class - what happened next?

This is part of a larger process of teaching writing skills. Students used feedback from peers and from the teacher to rework at least one of their pieces of writing. Ongoing differentiated tasks will support each student to continue to move towards the goal of producing writing at Curriculum Level 5 or above.


Level 3 English curriculum achievement objectives

Level 5 English curriculum achievement objectives

Language features

Use language features appropriately, showing a developing understanding of their effects - INDICATORS:

Language features

Show an understanding of how language features are used for effect within and across texts -  INDICATORS:

uses oral, written, and visual language features to create meaning and effect and engage interest identifies oral, written, and visual language features and understands their effects
uses a range of vocabulary to communicate meaning uses an increasing vocabulary to make meaning
demonstrates good understanding of all basic spelling patterns and sounds in written English understands how a range of text conventions work together to create meaning and effect
uses an increasing range of strategies to self-monitor and self-correct spelling understands that authors have different voices and styles and can identify those differences.
writes legibly, fluently, and with ease when creating texts  

Published on: 26 Oct 2012

Paetae - Kaiaka - Kairangi: Peer feedback

 Paetae - Achieved - " You've got good ideas but they need developing... you've got some examples but no paragraphs and you need to work on your spelling and punctuation"

Kaiaka - Merit - "That's where your ideas are really clear but your examples lack detail, so you need to put more detail in"

Kairangi - Excellence - "That's where it's nice and clear, it's persuasive, there are good examples used; there's one idea per paragraph so you're really detailed in your work and there's not many errors... SO which one are you going to go for?"


Student feedback response

 " I'm probably going to go for excellence because last time Matua told me that I have to improve on my punctuation."