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Laura's class - What happened next?

After this lesson Laura looked at the detail of ideas created by all students, which led to a next lesson where some students went on to begin drafting a paragraph while others continued, with support, to develop their character details through the three level guide.
At the completion of the writing activity Laura analysed the paragraphs produced as well as the self and peer evaluations of the writing. This will inform her choices regarding what skills still need to be developed. It may also lead to a rearrangement of groupings, so that all students are continuing to developing the skills needed to produce detailed and convincing characterisation in writing.

Published on: 25 Oct 2012

Student quote - self and peer evaluation

" When you do self evaluation, you are looking at your story and checking up on the different bits and it's your own personal view so it's stuff you can sort of control...".

"...with peer evaluation, you are getting another person's opinion, so they are asking similar questions but they have a different edge to them, so you're getting another persons ideas and thoughts into it".