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Laura's class - learning inquiry

What happened as a result of Laura’s teaching?

After several lessons, students produced a detailed and descriptive paragraph as their final product. Students were able to think about and articulate the elements involved in convincing characterisation. These skills will be revisited as students are expected to produce longer and more developed pieces of writing. In this lesson, the students thought deeply about the details they wanted to include in their planning - some of which were not used in the final paragraph - in order to create a more interesting and developed character. Laura created a set of evaluative questions for students to use which detailed the criteria needed in a piece of creative writing at Curriculum Level 5. She developed questions for self and peer review. As a result of self, peer and group review, students were developing confidence in evaluating their writing. They were also using other students in the class as experts that they could seek support from and this is something that will continue into future learning. This is a valuable, differentiated feedback strategy so all students can gain confidence in evaluating their writing.

Video clip: Peer feedback

What evidence did Laura draw on from her own practice or that of her colleagues?

She was aware of the need for detailed background knowledge in terms of creating convincing and effective writing. She used superheroes to teach general knowledge about characterisation techniques, as this is a topic that interested her students and therefore engaged them in the process.

Laura's class - what happened next?

Published on: 25 Oct 2012

Effective pedagogy

Enhancing the relevance of new learning

Students learn most effectively when they understand what they are learning, why they are learning it, and how they will be able to use their new learning. Effective teachers stimulate the curiosity of their students, require them to search for relevant information and ideas, and challenge them to use or apply what they discover in new contexts or in new ways. (NZC p34)