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Student 1:
So Sara, how's your poem going?

Student 2:
I think it's going good.

Student 1:
Can you read it to me?

Student 2:
Sure. Joy – yellow, orange and neon colours. Sounds like the last laughter of little kids in a playground. Tastes like a freshly made chocolate pie. Smells like the fragrance of Calvin Klein cologne. Feels like a big hug from your mother. Meeting up with friends you haven't seen in ages, is joy!

Student 1:
That's pretty cool. Do you remember what Miss said about what makes a good poem?

Student 2:
Yep. It has to be descriptive and has to paint a picture in your head. And I think I've done those things.

Student 3:
The teacher would also give us feedback like how we can improve, making it make more sense, different grammar. And it's cool cuz if she's marking our work at home, and we're doing homework, then we can finish it that night instead of waiting for her to give us feedback at school.

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Published on: 02 Nov 2012