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Christine's class - what happened next?

Christine recognised the value of using student websites to encourage students to engage in poetry writing because this gave the activity gravitas beyond writing in an exercise book or a Google Doc. She intends to continue with this strategy and to use the website as the students’ learning portfolio. The students have all had a positive learning experience with poetry and now have the skills to be able to create their own websites, and publish their own work. They also have an increased realisation that what they produce is important and valuable, and that language choices in their writing are important.

Published on: 26 Oct 2012

Student quote - personalisation

"It's cool sharing your work with your family because sometimes they don't think that you are capable of that quality- that level of work - and so they learn more about yourself and what you are up to and what you are doing at school."

Student quote - self efficacy

'One thing I think I'm good at in my writing is making it creative - I know because my friends read my work and think like - wow - it's pretty good. One thing I could improve on is having more descriptive words."