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Personalisation and self efficacy


Each student has created their own Google site. And we've been working on poetry this term so that they've been creating poetry. And this is now their collection of poetry, and they're now putting their poetry into their Google site.

Student 1:
What we do is we write poems on our Netbooks and then we add it on to our sites. Then we eventually share it with our teacher once we've finished with the end result of it. And yeah, she can give us feedback on what we need to improve on and what she likes on our site.

Student 2:
One good thing about the Netbooks is that you can use colour and images to improve your work, and it comes out with a better finished product.

Student 3:
It's also fun because you can like personalise your work. You can put pictures and it's way easier to research things that you're learning about.

Student 4:
And that builds your confidence. So you can keep writing more. It's also good sharing with your family... your work with your family, because they tell you what to improve on next time.

Student 3:
It's cool sharing your work with family because also sometimes they don't think that you're capable of doing that quality, that level of work. And so they learn more about yourself and what you're up to and your work, and what you're doing at school.

Student 5:
One thing that I think I'm good at in my writing is making it creative. I know because my friends read my work and think that... like wow, it's pretty good. One thing that I could improve in is having more descriptive words.

I'm learning at the same rate as the students and we're learning together and that's exciting. And actually they're coming up with solutions to problems that I'm encountering, and they're really quick with it, and they're teaching me.

And the Google site is really exciting because it's something that they can use for the rest of their school time here at Tamaki, and even after that. And they can just keep adding their work through year 10 or 11, year 12, year 13. And use it as a CV when they leave to go into university or wherever they want to go.

And we've had two students who have left recently from this class, and one has gone back to Europe, and I'm really excited because I'm hoping he's going to keep writing on his site so we can see where he's at.

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Published on: 29 Oct 2012