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Ministry of Education.

Gerard's class- focusing inquiry

What was important, given where Gerard’s students were at?
Gerard’s was able to use the digital environment to focus on improving accuracy and variety of language features used in the student’s writing, by providing timely feedback.

What evidence did Gerard draw on?
Gerard used his knowledge of the class and the class’s e-asTTle Reading and Writing results to establish the abilities and strengths of each student. In particular, he drew on the work that the students had produced in the previous lesson to identify the range of technical issues that individual students were experiencing with their writing.

What evidence did Gerard draw on from his own practice or that of his colleagues?
Gerard wanted to give timely feedback to all students on the issues with language features that he had observed in their writing. As this lesson took place late in Term 3, Gerard was very familiar with the strengths and areas for improvement for all of the students in the class. Technical accuracy is also an area of focus for the whole school as many of the students are from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Gerard's class - teaching inquiry

Published on: 26 Oct 2012

e-Learning and Pedagogy

Learning supported by or facilitated by ICT has considerable potential to support teaching approaches.

e-Learning may:

  • assist the making of connections by enabling students to enter and explore new learning environments, overcoming barriers of distance and time
  • facilitate shared learning by enabling students to join or create communities of learners that extend well beyond the classroom
  • assist in the creation of supportive learning environments by offering resources that take account of individual, cultural, or developmental differences
  • enhance opportunities to learn by offering students virtual experiences and tools that save them time, allowing them to take their learning further.