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Gerard's class - learning inquiry

What happened as a result of Gerard’s teaching?

The ability to review work and make specific comments on individual students’ work, meant that the learning about writing and feedback could be student specific. Those students who had already mastered a specific writing skill enjoyed not being slowed down to be instructed about things they already knew. Other students, the ones who needed the writing skill explained to them, enjoyed the personal attention.

Video clip: Peer collaboration

What evidence did Gerard use from his own practice or that of his colleagues?
This lesson focused on giving specific and timely feedback. It enabled the students to “use an [increasing] wide range of strategies to self-monitor and self-correct spelling” - NZC levels 3-4. It also focused on how to “use a range of vocabulary to communicate [precise] meaning - NZC levels 3-4. (View students doing this in the video.) The teachers at Tamaki College have seen this having an immediate and positive impact on the quality of student writing.

Video clip: Language choice

Gerard's class - what happened next?

Published on: 26 Oct 2012

Peer collaboration

Gerard’s students were keen to help each other to improve the overall quality of their writing. They could also see a connection between the choice of individual words and the impact of those choices on the quality or meaning of their writing.