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Ministry of Education.

English Units: NCEA Level 2

These revised teaching and learning sequences/units for NCEA Level 2 provide models that can help you, as you plan to support learners to make progress and meet the requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum.

  • Featur-ing - After exploring feature writing including how to develop an argument or angle, students express and develop their own ideas in article form.
  • Innocence, imagination, obsession – heavenly creatures - In this activity, students respond to controversial ideas in the film Heavenly Creatures and the play Daughters of Heaven then deliver presentations to the class about important aspects of the film or the play.
  • Māori media models - This activity guides students through the process of research into role models from their own whakapapa, then preparing and delivering "This Is Your Life" styled oral presentations about those people.
  • The shawshank redemption - In this activity, students study several aspects of the film The Shawshank Redemption including theme, character and film techniques, then plan and write about responses based on a selected aspect.
  • Violent delights and violent ends: Romeo and Juliet - After engaging with key ideas from Romeo and Juliet in contemporary settings and examining the play through a range of drama activities, students select part of a scene for performance to an audience.
  • Visualise This - This unit is designed to assist students with creating a crafted and controlled visual and verbal text- 2.6. The resource includes templates for the deconstruction steps and visual exposition design, an annotated exemplar and video tutorials on possible electronic tools that can be used to create these texts.

Published on: 01 Dec 2010