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Ministry of Education.

English Units: NCEA Level 3

These revised teaching and learning sequences/units for NCEA Level 3 provide models that can help you, as you plan to support learners to make progress and meet the requirements of the New Zealand Curriculum.

  • The Crucible - After studying the socio-historical contexts in which this play was written, students actively engage with the language, themes and characters prior to presenting their interpretation of scene followed by writing an essay.
  • The short story: read to write – The unit provides a framework that allows students to move from a study of the short story as a genre through to planning, drafting and presenting an original short story based on their own experiences.
  • Language is a manipulator - This activity scaffolds the learning of information literacy skills and moves students through a guided inquiry process, then provides guidance so that they can carry out their own independent language research.
  • The Merchant of Venice - In this activity, students are encouraged to engage with key themes, develop their understanding of characters and appreciate the historical context of the play. They then plan and write essays on selected topics.
  • Voices and signs: The Piano - This activity focuses on Victorian and contemporary attitudes, different approaches to the film and director Jane Campion's striking and creative use of cinematic techniques.

Published on: 06 Dec 2010