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Ministry of Education.

English Units: Level 3

  • Sound - This unit is written for students in Levels 3 and 4 of the New Zealand curriculum with emphasis on practical science investigations, oral language and topic specific vocabulary. It provides opportunities for students to explore and communicate findings about everyday physical phenomena (sound), and to seek and describe patterns and trends in physical phenomena (sound).
  • Anzacs and us (archived) - In this unit students will look at New Zealanders at Gallipoli and the effect this had on our nation. Students are involved in close reading, poetry, music, and diary writing (recounts)
  • Myths and legends (archived) - A unit in which students can explore, through close reading, the origins of stories that have been passed down through the generations to explain natural phenomena, the creation of our world and the adventures of fictional or story book characters (explanations, recounts).
  • Have you ever wondered? (archived) - An integrated English/Science unit based on students' "spider" experiences. Through observation and close reading of a range of texts, students identify the specific features of an explanation. Students write an explanation using information from observations and research (explanations). 
  • Camp thrills, chills and spills (archived) - A unit designed to capture the joys, excitement and challenges of school camp through personal recount. This unit could easily be adapted to other contexts where students have a personal experience to share (recounts).
  • Who? What? When? Where? (archived) - A unit designed to help students develop the skills to explore the structure and content of a range of narrative texts (narratives, recounts).
  • Fairy tales (archived) - Students study the features of narrative by looking at fairy tales and write a piece of narrative for publication in a class book of fairy tales (narratives).
  • Creative writing (archived) - A unit designed for students to explore creative writing ideas, selected from journal entries, through to the publication of a piece of poetic writing (descriptions).

Published on: 21 Jan 2011