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Ministry of Education.

English Units: Level 4

  • Sound - This unit is written for students in Levels 3 and 4 of the New Zealand curriculum with emphasis on practical science investigations, oral language and topic specific vocabulary. It provides opportunities for students to explore and communicate findings about everyday physical phenomena (sound), and to seek and describe patterns and trends in physical phenomena (sound). This unit has video clips throughout, which demonstrate embeddng literacy into the science curriculum.
  • Survival - Using an integrated focus on English and Social Science, students describe factors putting pressure on the environment and the consequences of this pressure. They then choose an environmental issue, complete an inquiry, then present their findings.
  • Dr Livingstone, I presume? (archived)
    An integrated English/Social Studies unit. Students identify the experiences and challenges that people face as they explore and find out about new places. They are encouraged to explain why and how explorers have undertaken journeys.
    (Descriptions, Reports)
  • Listen up! Speak up! (archived)
    This unit provides a structured approach to build students' confidence in public speaking. Students participate in a series of increasingly demanding speaking and listening activities which prepare them to deliver their speech to their classmates. 
  • Playing around with poetry (archived)
    A unit for teachers and students to explore and have fun with different forms of poetry, to listen, read aloud and perform for an audience.
  • Speech making (archived)
    A Speech Contest is a great part of Intermediate School life. This unit explores great ideas to motivate, maximise learning, personal esteem and development of students.
  • What a character! (archived)
    In this unit students will explore strategies for creating and analysing characters. The character sketch is a component of a story and may be developed in a variety of ways through the reading and writing programme.
  • Advertisements and you!
    A unit in which students can explore static images, analysing the ways in which verbal and visual features are combined in an advertisement for particular purposes and audiences.
    (Arguments, Descriptions)

Published on: 18 Jan 2011