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Learning task 1: Introductory activities

  1. Teacher discussion with students - What do you know about the sun_shadows (RTF 5KB) ? Look for shadows in the classroom. Discuss what makes the shadow. Does the shadow look like the object? How is it different? Record on a KWL chart. Ask students what they want to find out about shadows. List three or four questions about shadows in the 'What we want to know' section of the KWL chart.
    Using the overhead projector demonstrate how to trace a shadow. Ask for a student volunteer. Turn on the lamp and turn off all classroom lights. Students observe the student's shadow being cast in the classroom. Ask the students where the light source is and where the shadow is cast. Explain that the sun is similar to the light. Demonstrate how to trace the shadow by following the outline of the student's shadow with your finger.
    Using the overhead projector, place a divider on it to keep students from seeing objects placed on the projector. Choose a student to pick an object from the bag and place it on the projector without the class seeing the object. Have them guess what the object is. Discuss the shadow that the object makes. Show the class the object. After all the objects have been used, choose a student to select one of the objects and put it back on the projector. One student can trace the shadow on a piece of paper on the board. Students compare the object to its shadow. Discuss the size and shape of the object and the shadow.
  2.  Read What Makes A Shadow by Clyde Robert Bulla ( National Library) and discuss the shadows that were made in the story.

    1. Students make shadows on the wall with a partner. Students use flashlights and objects to make the shadow. Have them trace some of their shadows on paper.
    2. Hold up hand and ask students what kind of shadow they think it will it will make. Discuss other shadows that could be made using a hand. Make shadows of animals using hands. Choose students to make different shadows and have class guess what the shadow is.
    3. Share the story of Peter Pan and his Shadow. Teacher and students discuss shadows, and how they are different from the real object. Students use their imagination to suggest things that could happen to the shadows.


Published on: 14 May 2009