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Ministry of Education.

Research Topics

  1. Find out about William Shakespeare's family and early life in Stratford-on-Avon. 

  2. Who was Ann Hathaway? What can you find out about Shakespeare's marriage to her. 

  3. Find out about Queen Elizabeth. What sort of monarch was she? What is she most famous for?

  4. What can you find out about the lives of Shakespeare's children?

  5. What was the place of England in the world during Elizabethan times? What were some key European events during this time?
  6. When did Shakespeare move to London? What sort of city was London at this time?

Find out what you can about Elizabethan views on young love and parental obedience.
  8. Find out what you can about Elizabethan views on suicide. 

  9. What did people believe about the influence of the stars on people's lives during Elizabethan times?

  10. On a map of Italy locate Verona and Padua.

What was an apothecary. What did they do?

  12. What did people do for entertainment in Elizabethan London?

  13. What theatres were operating in London? Which ones was Shakespeare associated with?

  14. Find out about the original Globe Theatre - what happened to it?

  15. What was The Lord Chamberlain's Company (later The Kings Men). What was Shakespeare's association with it?

  16. How did Shakespeare make his living in London? What sort of life did he lead?

  17. Find out about Quartos. Why have different versions of Shakespeare's plays existed over time?

  18. How many plays did Shakespeare write. Name some of the most famous ones. What else did he write?

  19. Where did Shakespeare get the idea for Romeo and Juliet?

  20. Can you find out what books and films have been based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?

Published on: 04 Dec 2010