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Issues in the play

  1. Categorise these ideas on to a scale. Think about the consequences of each statement carefully. You must draw the scale and place the statements somewhere on the line.
    • A noble friendship can exist between two men or two women.
    • Testing your partner is the key to a successful marriage.
    • People often break their marriage vows.
    • Life is a lottery over which we have no control.
    • Mercy is a concept that transcends justice.
    • The law should be used to help us get justice in our lives.
    • Obeying rules is crucial in life.
    • Parent/child relationships are important in shaping our characters.
    • Money is essential for happiness.
    • Through the ages outsiders have become victims of abuse.
    • Racism is a feature of mankind and will continue to be so.
    • Revenge is sweet.
    • Religious beliefs define our outlook on life.
  2. Discuss where each of you has placed the statements and why you put the statements there. 

  3. How do the statements relate to the play?

  4. Write two paragraphs about how two statements link to the play and make sure you use supporting quotations as evidence.

Published on: 10 Dec 2010