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Learning task 2: Teddybear activities

  • Visit a maker of teddybears. Record the visit with a digital camera and write a recount with the class.
  • Invite an author of a teddybear book to visit the class.
  • Compare the traditional story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears with the poem/song poems (RTF 6KB) . Talk about recount (RTF 8KB) writing and list the features. Shared writing – rewrite as a recount.
  • Teddybears Picnic.
     Use the digital camera to record events – each child takes 3 photos. Later, write up the event as a recount, either individually or as shared writing task.
  • Using publishing software, have the students draw and write a caption or story about their bear to create a slide show.
  • Students write a teddy story. They create their own bear story book design, showing the placement of the text and the illustrations. They can publish their stories, choosing their own ways of illustrating them (for example, by using a scan and paint programme, photographs, or their original art work).

Updated on: 16 Apr 2018