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Ministry of Education.

Myths and Legends

TEACHER Anne Girven





5-6 3 4 weeks


Achievement Objective Being Assessed

Learning Outcomes

Close reading Relate the meanings of written texts to personal background knowledge and experience.
Poetic Writing Write a myth/legend based on ideas and information gained during reading and discussion, shaping, editing and proof reading text.


Exploring language Explain the features of myths/legends relating to subject, purpose and audience.
Thinking Critically Compare texts of different cultures.
Processing Information Gather, select and interpret information.


Teacher background reading




  •  School Journals
  •  Library books - School
  •  National Library

Make available a good selection of myths and legends.


Select and adapt these learning activities to best meet the needs of your students, and to fit the time available:

Learning task 1

Learning task 2

Learning task 3

Learning task 4

In this unit students will undertake the following:


Links for Students

Collaborative online projects:


Assessment Task

Students will brainstorm, draft their story, edit and proof read, teacher conference and publish their story.

Students will use the information they have gathered from their retrieval chart and their reading log. These charts should demonstrate awareness of origins, differences and similarities of myths and legends.

The written text will demonstrate an understanding of the structure and the special features of myths and legends and the use of language used to convey a message.

You can also use the ARBs or the NZ Exemplars to assess students' writing.


Close Reading Level 3

 See the retrieval2 (JPG 84KB)


 Long ago Cats and Rats were really good friends, they treated each other like they were brothers/sisters. One day the Emporer of the heavens announced "There will be a big race and whoever wins will be knowm worldwide, be famous and be rich"
 "Where will it be and when will the big race begin?" asked the Dragon impatiently.
 "The race will be held at the fields of farmer Ka's. The race will start in the afternoon."
 And with that the Emporer disappeared before any other questions could be asked.
 Cat and Rat were very excited and trotted home hand in hand..When Cat and Rat reached home they just flopped into bed and fell asleep straight away

 The day had come for the big race and Cat decided to take a nap just before the race. Before Cat went to have a nap he said to Rat "Could you please wake me up before the race begins?"
 "I will Cat," answered Rat.
 Rat was busy getting dressed when suddenly he heard a big, loud announcement.
 "The race will begin in two minutes so get in place."
 As soon as Rat heard this, he ran out of his house and to Farmer Ka's field and into place, Rat forgot all about Cat.

 There were twelve animals in the race including Rat. The animals were Dragon, Sheep, Dog, Monkey, Rooster, Bear, Tiger,Ox, Horse, Snake and Rabbit.
 The race started. Rat wasn't a fast runner so he had an idea. He jumped on Rabbit's back and jumped onto Monkey then with a great big jump passed the finish line. Rat had won the race.

 Soon Cat woke up and when he heard that Rat had won, the race was over, he was furious.

 From that day Cats and Rats were enemies.Cat would never forget that day and will never forgive Rat.

 An Original Story
 Year 5 Student

 The best fit for Sarah's completed work is level 3:

  • the chart and the story have been completed
  • the myth had been brainstormed, edited and proof read by the author
  • the chart demonstrates awareness of the origin, and differences and similarities of myths and legends
  • the written text demonstrates an understanding of the structure and the special features of myths and legends, and the use of language used to convey a message

This student will continue to work within level 3. The focus for the teacher will be to encourage both oral and written development of language, the choice of words and phrases to describe feelings and perceptions.

Follow up

  • Myths and legends were published in class book. This book given to other classes within syndicate to read during S.S.R.

Need to continue to focus and develop skill(s):

  • summarising in order to retell a myth/legend.
  • identifying and explaining meanings in text.

Published on: 01 Apr 2009