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Ministry of Education.

Anzacs and Us

Teacher Linda Chapman





4-6 3 3-4 weeks


Achievement Objective Being Assessed

Learning Outcomes

Poetic Writing Write a diary from the point of view of a soldier in the trenches at Gallipoli, using vocabulary and sentence structure appropriate to the genre. Rework and edit text.


Thinking critically
Processing information
Identify, clarify and express meaning from written texts, using personal background and knowledge to describe what happened at Gallipoli. Record as a true/false response information on The Anzacs.
Social Studies
Inquiry Carry out an inquiry to collect information, ask questions, retrieve and process information through a fact-finding chart and use this information to write a diary.

Supporting Achievement Objective

Learning Outcomes

Close reading Discuss language, meanings and ideas in texts.Complete cloze activities and reading responses.
Social Studies
 Time Continuity and Change
How and why the past is important to people.
Discuss the specific events that took place at Gallipoli and how it has affected the lives of New Zealanders in the past and today.
Explore possible solutions and strategies and select and devise an option. Make a simple periscope that the soldiers could use to see out of the trenches. Test and modify periscopes
Explore and compare the making of Anzac biscuits in their own time and another time or place. Make Anzac biscuits comparing and using two different recipes. Compare how they are made today with the technology used in the past.


Teacher background reading

Before beginning the unit teachers may find it helpful to read information:

Teaching and learning activities

Select and adapt these learning activities to best meet the needs of your students, and to fit the time available:

Learning Centre

Set up an Anzac Learning Centre with lots of library books, school journals, places to display photographs, memorabilia, ideas for extension activities.

Learning task 1

Learning task 2

Learning task 3

Learning task 4


poetic (RTF 10KB)

assessment1 (RTF 5KB)
assessment2 (RTF 29KB)
assessment3 (RTF 10KB)




National Library Books:

  • McKenzie N. New Zealand Warrior series Longman Paul
  • Rolfe J. Should we forget? Jim Rolfe
  • Lockyer J Harry and the Anzac Poppy Reed
  • Beck J. The Bantam and the Soldier
  • Army Museum Waiouru Kiwis and Diggers: A Year to Remember
     Contains tapes, photos teacher resource and student activities as well as two books: 'Should we forget?' by Jim Rolfe, and A Diary of the ANZAC's Campaign in Gallipoli.

Follow up

Additional Activities

  • Design a periscope that could be used by the soldiers in the trenches. Make and test out your periscope. Compare the different periscopes and modify and streamline designs. Write instructions to make a periscope.
  • Make Anzac biscuits. Try different recipes from the past and compare with today. Discuss the differences in technology, packaging, ovens etc. How would the lack of technology have affected the biscuits and food? What was Bully Beef? Why was it such an important part of the soldier's diet?

Published on: 21 May 2009