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Learning task 1: Introduction

  1. Brainstorm in "Chat" (ie. friendship/non-threatening) groups, the question "What scares me, puts me off, or seems difficult about the idea of making a speech". Share with class and record on a chart in order to address as unit continues and to laugh about afterwards!
  2. Project Encarta onto a big screen, listening to and viewing excerpts from the following speech makers - Dr Martin Luther King Jr - William Jenning Brian - Winston Churchill - Bill Clinton - Susan B. Anthony. Discuss features of their oral communication and technique eg. speed, pauses, repetition. Record on a chart for reference.
  3. Teacher to write and model 5 or 6 one minute speeches on topics of interest or passion - (eg. My Class, My Family, Teaching is the Best Job in the World!) or topics pertaining to the children (eg. Uniforms, Junk Food) with careful detail to hamburger (RTF 257KB) . Ask students to listen for techniques, similarities etc. in each speech. Chart the observations as these progress. Listen to, then analyse the written speech for the last 2 or 3 minutes.

    At the same time talk about ideas of enunciation, throwing of voice, use of inflection, pace, pauses, volume, etc. as you model them. Record these on a chart as they come up - focus on one or two per day. 

Published on: 08 Apr 2009