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Learning task 1

Learning intention(s) Establishing prior learning
KCs/ Principles/Values focus KCs:
Use language, symbols and texts –exploring a text type

Exploring feature articles

  1. As a class, talk about some characteristics of the feature writing text type. Introduce the concepts of:

    • ideas (expressing a point of view or opinion supported by evidence)

    • tone and purpose (feature writing can be serious, satirical, humorous, provocative opinionated; a feature writer can challenge and entertain their reader.
  2. Introduce the concept of audience.
 Use the school or local library to familiarise yourself with this genre by reading feature articles in a range of publications including major daily and weekend newspapers.
  3. Link the feature writing text type to other pieces of work from your English programme, for example, other formal writing examples such as essays, reports, or discussion and debate around issue.

Published on: 17 Jan 2011