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Ministry of Education.

Learning task 4

Learning intention(s) Critiquing and improving writing
KCs/ Principles/Values focus KCs:
Managing self - taking responsibility for the editing process

Reviewing and evaluating

  1. Reviewing your work using the editing checklist. Consider each section of your writing by addressing the questions listed. 
After working through the checklist and making improvements to your own draft, seek feedback your teacher.
  2. After completing a first draft, read your piece aloud to help identify parts of the writing that require reworking.
  3. In 2011, your writing can be assessed during your class programme against Achievement Standard 90376: Produce crafted and developed formal transactional writing. From 2012, it can be assessed against its replacement, the new Level 2 writing standard, AS 2.4 Produce a selection of crafted and controlled writing. The same standard of writing is required at each achievement level for both the old and new achievement standards.
  4. Prior to writing the final draft, look at to the assessment schedule, exemplar A, and the editing checklist to decide which changes or additions are needed for the final draft.
  5. Develop the final draft. You should view this as much more than a proof reading exercise, although you should improve on technical accuracy in grammar, spelling and punctuation. This is an opportunity to craft and reshape - to polish your sentences and to try forming some sentences in different ways in order to improve them.

Published on: 17 Jan 2011