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Motifs cut up exercise

White Piano Keys. Dark: 
Black Piano Keys. Ada uses the piano to express herself. She can show great emotion by using the piano to express both the lighter and darker moments in her life.
Hope Dark:
 Despair. Being passionate, Ada sounds optimistic at the beginning when speaking of her new husband. This hope, however, quickly turns to despair when she meets Stewart.
Outside, where everyone can see. Dark: 
Inside Baines' cottage. How we view what happens between Baines and Ada depends on whether it is inside or outside his cottage. Outside, in the light, their actions become much more dangerous for them.
Good, Moral Dark: 
Evil, Sin The Victorian society of the time had very clear ideas on what was right and what was wrong. People who went against these ideas were often ostracised and alienated.
Sunlight, Air. Dark: 
Water, Darkness. Ada makes a decision at the end of the film. Whether she should sink to her grave, or whether she should attempt to begin again, with Baines. She chooses the latter, and swims towards the light.
European Skin. Dark:
 Maori Skin Friction between races is exaggerated by some settlers' inability to understand the traditions of Maori. Baines shows a desire to learn the language and also some of the traditions associated with tapu.
 Freedom, the ability to move Dark:
 Locked in the cottage Stewart attempts to remove Ada's ability to move. Darkness and light become symbols of his ability to control Ada.

Published on: 12 Dec 2010