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Stewart quotes

All of these statements are made by Stewart at some stage throughout the film. Put them in the correct order as they occur in the film.

  1. Identify exactly where it occurs during the film.
  2. Identify who it is said to.
  3. Comment on what it reveals about Alisdair Stewart. (It may reveal several things.)

"You're small. I never thought you'd be small."

"Morag, what would you think if someone were to play a kitchen table like it were a piano?"

"Well, Baines the music lover. I never would have thought."

"We're a family now. We all make sacrifices and so will you."

"Never behave like that. Never. Nowhere. You're greatly shamed. You have shamed these trunks."

"I'm not going to lose the land like this. Wait here."

"I clipped your wing, that's all."

Published on: 12 Dec 2010