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Learning task 2: Exploring narative and language

Narrative structure

  1. Explore the structure of a narrative through reading and discussion.

    Use familiar fairy tales to discuss the structure of a narrative.

    Use a familiar fairy tale and cut it into pieces. The children will organise the text according to the structure of a narrative. Label the different parts. Repeat this exercise with a variety of texts.

  2. Teacher model, how to use a narrative_planning (RTF 13KB) by using a fairy tale you have already read and are familiar with.

    Using a narrative planning sheet, the children will, in small groups read a fairy tale and write the various parts onto the planning sheet. Children will also use a matrix to display the structure of a narrative.

  3. Discuss and record the elements that are common to fairy tales.
  4. Model and discuss with the children the use of descriptive writing to add detail and to create interest for an audience reading their writing.
    Model the use of speech marks for direct speech.


Published on: 06 Apr 2009