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Learning task 4: Write a myth or a legend

Shared Writing

Use Shared Writing to construct a myth in the style of Aboriginal/Native Indian myth to explain the appearance or characteristics of animals, plants, birds or any natural phenomena:

  • how the owl got huge eyes.
  • why thunder accompanies lightning.
  • why the bat hangs upside down.

Shared, Guided and Independent Writing run parallel to Shared, Guided and Independent Reading and can be done independently or in groups.

Shared Writing
 This is where the teacher does most of the work. She helps the children to work out what they want to say and then writes it for them either on a whiteboard, chart, book or whatever is appropriate. During this opportunities are taken for teaching points to be made.

Guided Writing
 Here the children are doing a lot of the work and have far more control, the teacher being there to guide and help. In 1 to 1 situations the child is writing. In group situations the teacher can record for the children what they say or the teacher can dictate the text to the children for them to write into their books while they are in a group. As above the teacher steps in where appropriate for teaching points and to help children solve problems.

Independent Writing
 This is where the children write by themselves and the teacher acts as the editor to check their work and do what they are unable to do.


  • Produce a comic strip to tell a favourite myth/legend. Make appropriate use of speech bubbles.
  • Rewrite a chosen myth in your own words.
  • Create a character mask. Can you create the right facial expression?
  • Take a myth/legend and turn it into a play.
  • With a friend(s) dramatise your myth/legend and perform it for the class.
  • Make glove puppets and write your own show based on a myth/legend.
  • Compose some music to accompany your play.

Published on: 06 Apr 2009