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Learning task 1


Focus questions:

  • Why do you think groups of people, for example explorers, have undertaken journeys to new places and have recorded their ideas/experiences?
  • What do you think the different reasons might be for finding out about new places?
  • How do people find out about new places and environments?
  • What are the challenges these people may have had to experience?
  • What challenges have you faced? When? Who else was involved? What feelings or emotions did you experience?

Students work in groups, brainstorm ideas and report back to class. Use drama to act out their challenges, emotions and experiences.

Shared reading

Read Expedition up the Ganga River, a series of three articles describing Sir Edmund Hillary's "Ocean to Sky" expedition. (There is a wide range of articles in the Challenges section of the School Journal Catalogue.)

Model the kinds of questions the students will focus on to explore, eg.

  • Why did Sir Edmund Hillary decide to explore this place?
  • How? What problems/challenges did he have to face?

List/note the main points from the text.

Model skimming and scanning, note taking and summarising of information.

Focus on the processes involved in accessing and using information. What might you need to think about as you read?

Students to write a fact file of main points from the article. Discuss and share their facts in small groups.

Published on: 01 Jun 2009