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Ministry of Education.

Learning task 2

Introduce David Livingstone

Who was David Livingstone? Who was H.M.Stanley? List responses. Either read or view a small extract about David Livingstone (keep content brief).

Record: What have we found out about Dr Livingstone?

Independent student learning

In seven groups, research David Livingstone using the World Wide Web. Bookmark sites for students:

 Each group will have 1-2, 30 minute sessions collecting information from the sites listed. The aim is for students, using who, what, where, when, why, how questions and working in small groups, to skim-read, take notes and summarise the information to give feedback to the class. Students to use a time line to record information. Each group will put their time line on a class wall chart "This is Your Life David Livingstone".

  • Group 1: Road to Africa 1813-1840
  • Group 2: Southern Africa 1841-1853
  • Group 3: Trans-Africa 1853-1856
  • Group 4: Trans-Africa 1853-1856
  • Group 5: Lake Nyasa Area 1858-1863
  • Group 6: The Last Journey 1866-1873
  • Group 7: Places David Livingstone explored/travelled/discovered

As a result of their reading and research students will write a diary/log - "A week in the life of Dr Livingstone". Teacher models the process of drafting, editing and proofreading.

Published on: 01 Jun 2009