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Ministry of Education.

Poems, Poems, Everywhere

Teacher Jo Morris, Sarah Bullock





9-10 3-5 3-4 weeks


Achievement Objective Being Assessed

Learning Outcomes

Poetic Writing  Write a variety of poems, and choose at least one for re-writing and editing to publication standard.


 Exploring language  
 Thinking critically  

Supporting Achievement Objective

Learning Outcomes

 Personal Reading  Read poems for pleasure.
 Close Reading  Read a poem closely for meaning and form.
 Presenting  Present a poem as a part of a group to the class.

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 Achievement Standard:

 AS90052 (English 1.1): Produce Creative Writing.


Teacher background reading

Teaching and learning activities

Select and adapt these learning activities to best meet the needs of your students, and to fit the time available:

Learning task 1

Learning task 2

Learning task 3

Learning task 4

Learning task 5

Learning task 6

Links for Students

Collaborative online projects

Poetry Express


  • Final copy of poem of choice assessed against Poetic Writing strand in Curriculum.
  • Peer Assessment Opportunities: Constuctive thoughts on draft and finished poems, evaluation of members of group in group work, evaluation of group presentation of movement poem.

assessment (RTF 9KB)




  • Manhire, Bill. Mutes and Earthquakes
  • Scott, Denise and Kitchen, David. Involved in Poetry. Heinemann
  • Michael & Peter Benton. Examining Poetry. Hodder & Stoughton
  • Eshuys & Guest. The Power of Poetry. Universal Publishing
  • Marsden, John. Everything I know about Writing. Mandarin
  • English in Aoteoroa May 1998

Follow up

This unit sits alongside close reading and critical appraisal of poems by others (particularly poets with an established critical reputation), with a focus on language, imagery and structure. It would be possible to intersperse the more formal close reading activities with their own creative work.

Published on: 21 Apr 2009