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Ministry of Education.

Learning task 5: Movement

Context: Reading varied poems that have movement images

Students warm up with appropriate Theatre Games.

The teacher leads students in a movement exercise. Students explore how they can make their bodies

  •  hot/cold
  •  fast/slow
  •  young/old etc

The teacher leads the students in movement exercise that concentrates on the movement of weather, seasons, animal and plant life.

Students divide into groups of 4-5. As a group they explore two poems with movement images. (Each student is given a role within the group. Two students are responsible for reading a poem aloud each and the other two students take it turn to facilitate discussion.)

Teacher brings class together for oral feedback of group discussion.

Students return to group. They prepare a presentation of one poem to give to the class. The students must use movement, and every group member is to be involved.

Students write expressively. Focus is on using images of movement.

Published on: 21 Apr 2009