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Learning task 2

Learning intention(s) Developing skills and strategies for making meaning about texts
KCs/ Principles/Values focus KCs:
Thinking – exploring various understandings and using various thinking strategies

Developing reading skills for unfamiliar texts

Novel Choice:

  1. In this theme study you will be expected to read a range of short and long texts that are linked to the overall theme. In this case you need to read a novel as part of the study. Consider this list of texts on the survival theme as a starting point, in addition to the resources you have access to.
  2. Read the blurb from the book you have chosen. Write a prediction about the possible events that may occur in the book based on what you know about the survival situation outlined.

Short Texts:

  1. Some strategies for answering questions on a text and finding evidence and meaning are skimming and scanning; looking at text structure; key words; context clues etc. [NB: Teachers should refer to the Effective Literacy Strategies for details about each strategy.]
  2. Describe the different survivors in texts you read, the qualities they have and how they faced the situation they were in.

Published on: 18 Jan 2011