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Learning task 2 - From written text to visual text

Learning intention(s) Building understanding about how written texts can be represented visually.
KCs Thinking – explore texts
Relate to others – peer discussion

a) In this section there are three poems to choose from. You will use one as the source text for your own visual exposition. You will deconstruct the written texts to a level that will allow you to begin developing ideas for a visual text of your own.

Open, save a copy of and complete this three level guide for deconstructing the written text(s) (Word 32KB) .

Option 1 - From Poetry to Pictures

b) Read one of these three poems and choose one to base your visual text on. Your visual text (also known as a visual exposition) will be where you set out your reading of the most important aspects of the source text.

Option 2 - A studied text

Choose another text you have studied in class. This could be written, visual or oral. You should discuss this with your teacher.

Published on: 19 Aug 2011