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Learning task 7 - Planning the panels

Learning intention(s)

Students will be able to:

  • describe the layout of each panel
  •  describe the elements of each area of each panel and their relative sizes.

a) An important planning tool used for films, advertisements, television, graphic novels and other visual texts is storyboarding. You might have come across this in media studies before. Storyboarding is when you draw a very basic version of each shot or image and label the important parts of it. This can later be turned into a list of things you need to do

Use the storyboarding template (Word 30KB) or one of the resources below to plan your storyboard.

Or you could use the online storyboard tool.

 b) Compare your storyboard to your original 3-level guide list in your planning template and check your storyboard includes all the meaning from your original 3-level guide. You may have even added meaning since doing this original list!

Published on: 23 Aug 2011