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Shakespearean glossary

Alack - Alas! Unfortunately!

Alarum - Alarm. Trumpet sound

Anew - Again

Anon - Soon

Art - Are

Base - Low, common, not sophisticated or elegant

Canst - Can

Coronet - Crown

Counsel - Give advice/advise

Coxcomb - Fools multi-pointed hat

Coz - Cousin

Cur - Dog

Dotage - Old age

Doth - Does

Dost - Does

Dowry/Dower - Money paid to a husband to encourage him to marry a daughter

E'er - Ever

Ere - Before

Exeunt - Exit (of more than one person)

Flourish - Sound of trumpets

Fut - Contraction of "God's foot" a mild oath

Hadst - Had

Herald - Person bringing news

Hark - Look

Hast - Have

Hath - Have

Hereafter - Afterwards

Ho - An exclamation to gain attention

Is't - Is it?

Jot - a bit, a small amount

Knave - Servant, attendant

Mark - Take note of

Marry - By Mary (a mild oath)

Morrow - Morning

Ne'er - Never

Nuncle - Term of endearment (not necessarily implying a blood relationship)

O'er - Over

Oft - Often

Prithee - I pray thee (I wish you to)

Sirrah - Sir (to a lower social class- can be used as an insult.)

Steward - Attendant, servant

Suit - Case or attempt at persuading

Ta'en - Taken

Thee - You

Thine - Your

Thou - You

Thy - Your

To't - To it

Twill - It will

'tis - It is

Sennet - Series of note heralding a royal entrance

Severally - Separately

Shalt - Shall

Tarry - Wait or delay

Thine - Your

Thy - Your

Wert - Were it

Wherefore - Why?

Whoreson - Lit: Son of a whore

Wilt - Will it

Wit - Understanding, intelligence

Within - Off stage

Woe/Wo - Bad luck

Woo - Attempt to court

Worthy - Honest, true, good

Zounds - God's Wounds (an oath, pronounced zwounds.)

Published on: 09 Dec 2010