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Plot quiz answers

Act I

Scene I

1. Which of the two Dukes does Kent suggest Lear prefers? Albany

2. Who is older, Edmund or Edgar? Edgar

3. Which important characters are not present at the division ceremony? Fool, France, Burgundy, Edgar

4. Who speaks of their love for Lear first? Goneril

5. When does Kent say he will be "unmannerly"? When Lear is mad

6. How long does Kent have to leave the kingdom? 7 days

7. Who marries Cordelia? France

Scene 2

8. Who is Edmund's goddess? Nature

9. Who confirms that it is Edgar's handwriting in the letter? Edmund

Scene 3

10. Who struck whom and for what

11. How does Goneril instruct Oswald to treat Lear and his men? With weary negligence and cold looks

Scene 4

12. How does Kent suggest he is going to disguise himself? By putting on voices

13. What does Kent say is "the best of him"? Diligence

14. How many Knights does Lear have with him in this scene? four

15. Who ignores Lear in this scene? Oswald

16. How long has the fool been absent? 2 days

17. Why has he been away? Pining for Cordelia

18. What does this behaviour suggest about the character of the fool? Likes Cordelia and doesn't fear Lear

19. What do the Fool's comments suggest about his knowledge of I.i.? He knows what has happened even though he wasn't there

20. Who is it who can tell Lear who he is? His shadow

21. How many followers of Lear does Goneril get rid of? 50

22. What thought does Lear take comfort in when his authority is challenged by Goneril? "I have another daughter yet"

23. Who speaks out in favour of Lear in this scene? Albany

24. What does Goneril do to quieten him? Cuts him off

25. Who takes Goneril's letter to Regan and what does it say? Oswald, what Goneril has done to Lear so that Regan is warned

Scene 5

26. What does Lear get Kent to do at the end of the scene? Take a letter to Regan (at Gloucester's house) but tell her nothing more 

Act 2

Scene 1

27. What time is it? Night but close to dawn "Good dawning to thee"

28. Who is Curan? Member of Gloucester's house

29. How long has Gloucester spent on stage with Edgar so far? No time

30. What does Edmund say Edgar was attempting to do? Kill Gloucester

31. How does Gloucester link himself to Lear's fate? "My old heart is cracked"

Scene 2

32. Where does Kent tell Oswald to put his horses? In the mire

33. Why does Kent violently insult Oswald? His disrespect for Lear and his cold reception from Regan

34. What reason does Oswald give for "sparing" Kent's life? His grey beard

35. How long does Kent have to sit in the stocks and who decided this? Until the following morning, Regan

36. Who does Edgar become in this scene? Tom o' Bedlam

37. What does Lear fear he is succumbing to in this scene? Hysterica Passio

38. What excuse do Regan and Cornwall give for refusing to speak to Lear? They are tired

39. Explain the fool's proverb about the eels and the Cockney. It's no use trying to kill the eels once you've put them in the pie

40. What reason does Regan give for trying to send her father back to her sister's house? "nor am provided for your fit welcome"

41. Explain the phrase "O reason not the need"

Act 3

Scene 1

42. What does Kent tell the Knight to do? Go to Dover and tell Cordelia what has happened

Scene 2

43. What is Lear asking nature to do in the "Blow winds" speech? Destroy the world

44. Who is with Lear on the heath? Kent and the Fool

45. When does Lear begin to show humanity by thinking of others? "Art cold?"

Scene 3

46. What does Edmund pledge to do during his soliloquy? Inform the Duke

47. What statement links him to Lear and the sisters? "The younger rises when the old doth fall"

Scene 4

48. Who says the least number of lines in this scene? Why do you think this is so

49. How does Kent address Lear? What does this show? Good my lord. Still has his respect for him.

50. How does Lear demonstrate his growing appreciation for others? Asking Kent and Fool to go in first. Listening to Poor Tom

51. What does he suggest has brought Poor Tom to this position? Giving his daughters all

52. What does he call Poor Tom? Philosopher

53. What does Lear remind us of when he tries to remove his clothes? Goneril and her finery. Children, Old age, nakedness, embarrassment

Scene 5

54. How is Edmund rewarded for his (dis) loyalty? Made Earl of Gloucester

Scene 6

55. What does Lear act out in the hovel? Mock trial of his daughters?

56. Who else is involved? Fool, Edgar, Kent as jury, Goneril and Regan as the accused.

57. Where is Lear taken during this scene? Who suggests it? Dover, Gloucester

Scene 7

58. How does Goneril foreshadow later events during this scene? "Pluck out his eyes!"

59. How do Cornwall and Regan compete for control during this scene? Cutting each other off, adding to each others' speech.

60. How does Cornwall die? Stabbed by a servant loyal to Gloucester

61. What is ironic about Gloucester's first thoughts after losing his eyes? He can "see" that he has wronged his son. 

Act 4

Scene 1

62. What does Gloucester compare humans to? Flies killed by wanton boys

63. Where is Gloucester heading? To Dover

64. How does Gloucester's treatment of Poor Tom develop connections with other areas of the play? He treats him well, like Lear "take this purse"

Scene 2

65. What is happening between Goneril and Edmund during this scene? They pledge themselves to each other.

66. When was the last time Albany was on stage prior to this scene? Why do you think this was done? I.iv. to distance him from Goneril, Regan and Cornwall

67. How does Albany use animal imagery to condemn proceedings? "Tigers, not daughters, what have you performed?"

68. What does Albany's reaction to the messenger reveal? He had no idea what was going on.

69. Why is Goneril apprehensive about the news she receives? Worried that Regan will get Edmund

Scene 3

70. What has happened to the King of France? Returned to France

71. How did Cordelia receive the news of her father's situation? With both tears and smiles

Scene 4

72. How well informed is the French army? How do you know? Well prepared. "Tis known before. Our preparation stands in expectation of them"

Scene 5

73. What evidence do we have of the way Oswald regards Cordelia's military prowess? "Your sister is the better soldier"

Scene 6

74. What things does Poor Tom identify on the shore below the cliff? Crows and choughs, A person gathering samphire, a fisherman, a barque

75. How does Edgar describe the character of Poor Tom? His eyes were two full moons, a thousand noses, horns

76. Edgar tries to trick Gloucester again during this scene. What does he do? Pretends to be a man walking along the beach who saw Gloucester fall

77. What must Edgar have done to keep this pretence going? Disguise his voice.

78. Who does Lear call Gloucester? "Goneril with a white beard."

79. What does Lear suggest should be encouraged during this scene? Adultery: "Let copulation thrive"

80. Why does Lear not initially let Gloucester kiss his hand? "It smells of mortality"

81. How does this connect with the beginning of the play? It echoes "crawl towards death", but it also suggests he humbler now.

82. What is the significance of Lear wanting to remove his boots? Reminds audience of taking clothes off on the heath. He may not even have boots on, it may be a sign of his madness

83. What does Gloucester pledge not to do during this scene? Attempt to take his own life again.

84. Who kills Oswald? Edgar

85. How does Edgar find out about Edmund's plans? Letter Oswald was carrying.

Scene 7

86. What does Lear initially think Cordelia is when he wakes? An angel

87. What else can Lear's awakening symbolise? His return from madness. Return to the "civilised" world. Seeing the error of his ways

88. Lear admits certain things about himself in this scene. What are they. He has wronged Cordelia, he is foolish and old

89. How old is Lear? Four score and upward -over 80

90. Where do people think Edgar and Kent are? Germany

Act 5

Scene 1

91. What does Regan ask Edmund about his relationship with Goneril and how does he respond? "have you never found my brother's way to the for fended place?", "That thought abuses you."

92. Why is Regan so insistent that Goneril go with them? To keep and eye on her.

93. How does Goneril respond to her insistence? She lets her know she is aware of what she is doing

94. What does Edgar do with the letter he got from Oswald? Gives it to Albany

Scene 2

95. What do Cordelia, Lear and their soldiers do at the beginning of the scene? Cross over the stage and exeunt

96. What impression does this help to develop for the audience? Busy time in the play. Cordelia and her army are moving forward

97. What does Lear suggest he and Cordelia do? Go to prison and sing like birds in a cage

98. What does this reveal about Lear? He isn't thinking of his young, newly married daughter who might not want to rot in prison

99. What does Albany attempt to get Edmund to do? Hand over Cordelia and Lear

100.How does Regan die? She is poisoned by Goneril "If not, I'll never trust medicine"

101.Who kills Edmund and how does he die? Edgar kills him during a duel

102.How does Gloucester die? Broken heart "burst smilingly"

103.How does Goneril die? "and after slew herself"

104.Why do you think the Gentleman breaks off from telling us who was stabbed? To allow the audience to explore the possibility of Cordelia being dead

105.How many lines pass between Gentleman going to rescue Lear and Cordelia and Lear carrying her onto the stage? 5 lines

106.How does this add to the drama of the scene? We are not ready for Lear to bring Cordelia on. We are expecting them to be saved

107.How does Cordelia die? "my poor fool is hanged"

108.What does Lear say to welcome back Kent? Why is what he says significant? "You're welcome hither" Brief reconciliation showing how focussed he is on Cordelia

109.What was Edmund's name when he was disguised? (This is the only time in the play it is mentioned) Caius

110.How does Lear die? Broken heart

111.How many bodies are on stage at the end of the play? Goneril, Regan, Cordelia, Lear (Edmund has been taken off)

Published on: 09 Dec 2010