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Put the quotations into the correct order as they occur during the play, then answer the following questions in relation to each quotation:

  • What does this quotation reveal about Lear?
  • How is it representative of his state of mind when he says it?
  • What other ideas do they connect with?

"trouble him not, his wits are gone."

"Come, let's away to prison; we two will sing like birds i'the cage."

"robes and furred gowns hide all. plate sin with gold and the strong lance of justice hurtless breaks"

"I did her wrong"

"To take 't again perforce! Monster ingratitude!"

"Here I stand your slave, a poor, infirm, weak and despised old man."

"only we shall retain the name, all th'additions to a king."

"pray you now, forget and forgive: I am old and foolish."

"O, reason not the need!"

"on my knees I beg that you'll vouchsafe me rainment, bed and food"

"Poor naked wretches, whereso'er you are, That bide the pelting of this pitiless storm,"

"Why should a dog, a horse, a rat have life and thou no breath at all?"

"O, that way madness lies, let me shun that; no more of that."

Published on: 09 Dec 2010