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Learning task 2: Maps and personal stories


On the World Map find New Zealand, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Australia and England. Look at the distance between each country. Discuss how the young soldiers might have felt being so far from home. Provide students with a map of the world to find and colour each country a different colour.

On a map of Turkey locate the Dardanelle's, Constantinople (Istanbul), Gallipoli, Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Give the students their own copy of the map and help them to use mapping skills to locate each place.

On a map of the Gallipoli Peninsular, locate and name ANZAC Cove, Suvla Bay, Chunuk Bair, Quinn's post.

Use the information to discuss with the students the silence and with-drawal.

Explain how the ANZAC soldiers deceived the Turks, practicing making no noise and no talking for weeks before the evacuation. Discuss the devices used to trick the enemy. Explain the contraptions they made to fire their weapons when there was no one left to shoot.
Discuss with the students:

  • Why did the Anzacs have to withdraw?
  • Why did the Anzacs admire the Turks?
  • What made the Turks fight with such determination?
  • Why were the Turks so committed to defend Anzac Cove?
  • Why did the soldiers practise silence?
  • How did they manage to withdraw without the Turkish army knowing?
  • Why do you think people called this ingenuity, number 8 wire mentality?
  • Why did people think it was bad luck to be the third person to light their cigarette from the same match? Explain about the snipers and how the men in the trenches said that while the first person was lighting their cigarette the sniper would get ready to shoot. For the second person he would aim and the third person he would fire thus shooting that person.

Discuss what information should be added to the class ANZAC chart. Teacher records the information based on the class discussion. Add information to the original chart - silence and withdrawal and the use of ingenuity.

Read to the students the story of Simpson and his Donkey. See also other sites about this story: John Simpson Kirkpatrick.

  • Does it matter whether Simpson was an Australian or New Zealander?
  • Why has this story become so important in our remembering Gallilopli?


Published on: 21 May 2009